Vietnam Visa for Austrian/Vietnam Visum österreich

Does Austrian passport holder need Vietnam Visa?

Yes, because Austrian is not on the Visa exemption list of Vietnam. It is strongly advised you to apply online before going to Vietnam.

In case you forget to obtain it and need it in a short period, we still be able to help you to get it in 30 minutes or even during weekends or public holidays.

Can Austrian citizens apply online to get Vietnam visa upon arrival?

According to current Vietnamese Immigration Laws (Ordinance on entry, exit, residence of foreigner in Vietnam dated 28/04/2000; Decree No. 21/2001/ND-CP dated 28/05/2001; Circular No. 04/2002/TTLT-BCA-BNG dated 29/01/2002 to implement related Ordinance and Decree), visitors can get Vietnam Visa upon arrival at Vietnam international airports (Hanoi/Noi Bai, Danang, Tan Son Nhat/Ho Chi Minh, Cam Ranh airport) if:

+ You are invited by Vietnamese Government.
+ You are invited by Vietnamese organizations/companies.
+ You go Vietnam to work for NGOs organizations to support patients or natural disaster and epidemic relief in Vietnam.

*** Important notice: Beside above reasons, Austrian can go to Vietnam for tourist, working or investing purposes without any required documents. By this, Austrian can get Vietnam Tourist Visa or Business Visa type by filling information directly here.

After getting the approval letter via email, you can print it out and also prepare 2 passport photos in the standard size of 4×6 cm and the entry and exit form and get Visa sticker promptly on your original passport page at Vietnam Visa landing counter.

Also, we are pleased to explain for you that why Austrian can get Vietnam Visa on arrival without any documents or invitation letters from an organization/friend/company they will work for.

+ We are not only an organization or who works for a website but also we are a travel company who are able to submit applicant’s information directly to the Immigration department in Vietnam. (this procedure is same as in Embassy when they also have to send back your dossier to the Immigration department here).

+ Austrian citizens have created a long and good record of behavior when they visit Vietnam, according to analytic information, there is no Austrian passport holder is reported to join any violations or wrongly immigration of purpose here. That is why Vietnam Government allows Austrian to apply Vietnam Visa online.

+ Viet Nam and Austria established diplomatic relations from 1972.
Last but not least, if you are confused about the cost of Vietnam visa of each Visa type, please do not hesitate to clarify. Importantly, Austrian citizens are eligible to apply Visa up to 1 year multiple business type.

If you do not want to queue in the line in front of Visa landing counter to get Visa sticker after a long fly time, please take your reference of our extra service.

How to get Vietnam Visa in Austria?

You can go to Vietnam Embassy in Austria in person or sending your dossier by email at least 6 months before your date of arrival to Vietnam.

*** Vietnam visa requirements

+ You must complete the application form here, if you leave blank at (*) section, your form has been seen as not eligible.
+ Original passport (must be more than 6 months’ validity).
+ If you require to send Visa back your house by post, you have to also send a fee of delivery in advance.

After around 5 -7 working days your Visa will be sent back to your address which you have registered before, if your documents is proved as meeting all conditions of Vietnam Immigration department. In some cases, there will be required to join an interview at Embassy.

Vietnam Embassy in Austrian

Processing time: 5-7 working days.
Vietnam Visa fee: the fee is verified and can be different in each region.

Address: Felix-Mottl-Str. 20, 1190 Wien
Phone: 01/ 368075510, Fax 3680754
Email: [email protected]
Consular section: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Morning: 9.00-12.00 AM, Afternoon: 14.00-17.00PM

We hope that Visa is not a hindrance to you to come and explore our beautiful country.

Let’s make it easy!

Have a nice day!
E-visa team.

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