How to get Vietnam Visa on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays?

In most circumstances, there are so many travelers do not know that they have to obtain Visa to enter Vietnam, for example American citizens can enter 160 places in the world without having a Visa in their passport. This case is usually happened with Canadian passport holders when they can visit 73 countries without Visa…

Actually, this case happens when they do not prepare Visa in advance or Vietnam is the country on their path of their journey to discover all Asian countries or just a transit place for some days. What you can do when you can’t check in from your departure when you do not have Visa to enter Vietnam during weekends or public holidays and these days are regulated as non-working days in Vietnam?


  • Solutions

We are able to help you to get Vietnam Visa legitimately and legally in this case, you can get Visa at the airport without any problems.

Step 1: You just need to fill your information directly at:

Step 2: We will send you the letter right away (less than 30 minutes) after having your accurate flight number and arrival time. In case you have not book flight yet, please contact us via email at: [email protected]

Step 3: Our staff will wait for you with a welcome board in which your name is shown on at the Visa landing counter to assist you to get Visa sticker on your passport without any extra charge.

  • How prompt and convenient service that we can do?

We will send you the letter within 10-30 minutes then you are able to check in on time your flight to board the plane, we save you from missing your flight. If you miss your flight, you may miss your hotel also which will costs you so much money without bringing any benefits.

Furthermore, we have a professional staff who work 24/7 at the airport to help you check in at the Immigration desk at any time and guide you to the final step to get Visa sticker as well as how to fill into the entry and exit form at the arrival gate.

  • What happens if you do not have passport photos?

The Vietnam Immigration officer at the airport also require you to submit them 2 passport photos in the size of 4×6 cm. In case you do not have photos, you can take it at the airport and it is approximately $5 in Hanoi airport or $2 in Ho Chi Minh and Danang airport.


We work 24/7, if you need any information feel free to contact us at [email protected] or Any problems in hurry, kindly reach us at : +84.908.989.525

 We hope you have a nice day!

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