Travel and tourism industry plays an important role in Vietnam’s economic and social development. Hence the Government of Vietnam always considers all policies which brings to the tourists world-wide many benefits. Vietnam’s Government had been close off many traditional customs and regulations exited in the past and had opened it doors widely to welcome a flux of tourists that frequently come to Vietnam.

Vietnam Government has a plan to offer 15 day-free Visa for both Australian and Indian in the near future.

  1. Evidences shown via number

Officially statistic data in the past 5 years has been shown that the number of Indian visitors to Vietnam has increased nearly 3.5 times (344 %). In total, more than 7.94 million foreign visitors to Vietnam in 2015, Indian tourists accounted for 0.9%.

It is estimated that by 2018, the number of Indian tourists travel to Vietnam may reach to nearly 30 million. Indian tourists in Vietnam stay an average of 8 days, spending about 914USD / trip, much higher than other Asian source markets.

According to Trading economic paper, there are 579100 Australian come to Vietnam from 01st to 7th May 2017, this is the highest volume of number compared to other citizens.

  1. Plan of Government and Forecast

A post has been published on the Government site in Jan 2017 stated that “Vietnam urged to consider visa-free for Australian, Indian”. “We suggest the government continue to extend the policy, at least through June 2018,” Nguyen Khanh Phuong, vice chairwoman of the tourism association in Ho Chi Minh City, told the Saigon Times

Currently, Vietnam are offering visa free (15 days with single entry) for tourist from Japan, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Spanish, Findland and from 21 to 30 days for neighboring Southern Asian countries. Ms Nguyen Khanh Phuong also had been advised that it is really necessary if the Government waive Visa requirement for other potential markets such as Australia and India.

Also, Nguyen Van Tuan, head of the national tourism administration also attribute this opinion to the Government to relax Visa policy for Australian and Indian tourists.

Generally, it is forecast that Indian and Australian will not need Visa for a short-term stay in Vietnam in the near future cause these nationalities are listed as in the top of  spenders in Vietnam by the tourism authority

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