***Effective from 2008 and was revised in 2014, the law on health insurance for foreigners had been promulgated to help foreign individuals or organizations covered by health insurance. (article 1). This law is applicable for all Vietnamese and expats who work for Vietnamese organization or manage business and have been paid salaries in Vietnam. There is no discrimination between foreigners and Vietnamese.

  1. Who is eligible to obtain a health insurance card in Vietnam?

    + Foreign employees who work under indefinite-term labor contract.
    + Foreign employees who work under a labor contract from full 3 months or longer.
    + Business managers who have been paid salaries.
    + Civil servants and public employees.

  2. How to obtain? (Procedure)

    The procedure for foreigners is similar with Vietnamese resident.
    Step 1: submit your Identity card (Vietnamese) or temporary resident card (expat).
    Step 2: Filling your information to the Insurance clearance form.
    Step 3: submit all these documents for your company or agency at your current city.

  3. Processing time

    within 10 working days after submitting.

  4. How much you have to pay for?

    According to Point a, Clause 1, Article 13 of the Law, you and your employer will have to pay respectively one-third and two-thirds of the health insurance premium which is equal to 6% of your monthly salary at most. Your salary, which serves as a basis for payment of health insurance premium, is the salary level stated in your labor contract and calculated in Vietnam dong (in case your salary agreed in the labor contract is in a foreign currency).

  5. Apply law on your case

    According Clause 1, article 4 of Government Decree No. 105/2014/ND-CP dated November 15, 2014, a foreign employee may have up to 80% of his/her medical care expenses covered by health insurance.
    You can take insurance return up to 100% if:
    + Your expense for one time of medical examination and treatment is smaller than 15% of the prescribed basic salary.
    + You have paid health insurance premium for five consecutive years, counting from the time you start paying health insurance premium to the time you receive a medical care, and has an accumulated expense amount paid for medical care in a year larger than six months’ basic salary, counting from the time you attain full five consecutive years of health insurance premium payment, unless you receive medical examination and treatment at a health establishment not indicated in your health insurance card.

  6. Procedures for health insurance –covered medical examination and treatment

    + when you find a suitable hospital (there is a hospital list in which shown many hospitals which your health insurance card can be applied) to apply, you have to submit your health insurance card stuck with your photo.
    + In case of emergency, you may seek medical care services at any hospital and have to produce your health insurance card together with papers required by law before being discharged from the hospital.

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