Vietnam Visa extension and renewal- price range

  1. What is different between extend Visa and renew Visa?

This question is not hard for those who usually renew or extend Vietnam visa but in general speaking, it make travelers confused between the benefits of them.
Especially, we are able to help those who need an exit-Visa to leave out of Vietnam legitimately while they stay over in Vietnam after their Visa is expired.

  Extend Visa Renew Visa
Benefit + getting a new Immigration stamp on your passport page.

+ stay longer in Vietnam up to 3 more months without leaving.
+ only more 15 days more for those who enter Vietnam with 15 day-free “Visa exemption”

+ getting a new Visa sticker (single or multiple entry-Visa) without leaving.
+ stay longer up to 1 more year if you are currently holding business Visa type.
Length of Visa More 15 days, 1 month or 3 months 1 month, 3 months or 6 months and 1 year for businessman.


  1. Who is eligible to be extended Visa?

    It is valid for almost international citizens world-wide

  2. When you should choose to renew Visa instead of extending?

    + Choosing renew Visa if you enter Vietnam with Visa-exemption policy applied for Asian citizens such as: Indonesian, Malaysian, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia. In this case you can get a new Visa with single or multiple entry type up to 3 more month-validity.
    + If you are a businessman and you had entered with 1 month or 3 month or 1 year-business Visa, you need to renew more 1 month or 3 month or 1 year Visa without leaving Vietnam, choosing renew your Visa is the best option.

  3. What documents is required to extend/renew Visa?

    + Your original passport
    + 4×6 cm passport photos

  4. Extension fee.

Type of Visa Extend Visa Renew Visa
  Ho Chi Minh Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Hanoi
15 days 70 USD Contact us Contact us Contact us
1 month single 70 USD Contact us 95 USD 180 USD
1 month multiple N/A N/A Contact us Contact us
3 month single 240 USD Contact us 145 USD 190 USD
3 month multiple N/A N/A 160 USD 300 USD
6 months multiple N/A N/A Contact us Contact us
1 year multiple N/A N/A 420 USD Contact us


  1. How to leave Vietnam with an expired Visa?

+If you just stay over 1 day, for example your Visa is expired on 01/Jul/2017 and you leave out on 02/Jul/2017, it is fine if you can show the Immigration officer at the airport for some acceptable reasons such as: missing flight, illness’s proof from your hospital and you do not have to pay fine.

+It is urgently advised you to contact with an agency to get an exit-Visa while you stay in Vietnam more than 3 days compared to the allowed period. You even can’t leave out of Vietnam even you pay for the penalty at the airport, the penalty fee is around $25 per day late. In this case, please immediately contact us at: [email protected] for getting helpful advice.

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