What is different between Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA)

and Vietnam loose-leaf Visa

Vietnam Government currently issues 2 types of Visa for travellers: a Visa sticker which is glued on travellers’s passports or a loose-leaf Visa (is also called as a paper-Visa) which is a paper in size of 5×7 inches. Both these Visa are the same legal validity and guaranteed.

1.General definition:

Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA)

You will get an approval letter which is approved by Vietnam Immigration department then getting a Visa sticker on your passport at Vietnam airports.

 Vietnam loose-leaf Visa

It is described as a paper in the size of 5×7 inches which is including your photo, date of birth, passport information, full name, nationality and the duration which you are allowed to stay in Vietnam as maximum.

2. Comparison between VOA and loose-leaf Visa’s procedure:


Visa on arrival Getting loose-leaf Visa from Embassy
1)      Required documents:
No documents is required.

2)      How to apply?
+ Filling into Application form and send to email: [email protected]
Or filling information directly on website (no strict guidline-free writing style to fill onto the form)
+ Taking you 5 mins or 1 hour to getting response result.
+ Receiving the approved letter from Vietnam Immigration department within 24-48 hours or even 30 minutes.
+ Getting Visa sticker at Vietnam airports onto your passport.

3)      Vietnam Visa fee
Fixed, no hidden fee, shown on the website.

4)      Processing time
+ 24-48 hours (normal service).
+ 4-8 hours (urgent service)
+ 30 mins (emergency service)
*** valid in Public Holidays or weekends, 24/7 responsive.

5)      Advantages
+ Convinient for those who lives far-away from Vietnam Embassy’s location or there is no Embassy at your country.
+ 24/7 supportive.
+ No documents is required to send-out.
+ You do not have to face to Embassy’s interview in person.
+ Faster, reliable.

6)      Disadvantages
+ Queuing in front of Vietnam landing counter before passong the Immigration’s desk.
+ Possibily have others’ information on your approval letter if you do not choose “private letter” service.

1.       Required documents:
+ Passport (more than 6 month’s validity)
+ Vietnam Visa application form.
+ 2×2 inches passport photos (in clolor, front view, no glasses, no smile)
+ Letter of invitation (from your Vietnamese friends, Vietnamese company, etc..)
+ Proof of travel arrangements (Voucher of tourist company, tickets…)

2.       How to apply?
Sending above documetns by post or in person.

3.       Vietnam Visa fee
Various at each Embassy and normally is higher than VOA.

4.       Processing time
5-10 working days, 2 working days for urgent service and emergency service is not available.

5.       Advantages
+ Obtaining a Visa which official stamped on your passport.
+ legally valid at any ports: airports, landing boarders, sea-ports

6.       Disadvantages
+ Sending-out many important documents with your personal-information which takes you a risk of loosing many confidential information.
+ The fee is different at each Embassy.
+ Face to Embassy’s  interrogate.
+ Wait up to 3 days for getting response from Embassy’s result.
+ The Consulate of Vietnam/ Embassy requires a Visa application with be completed with a strict guideline.


3.Which cases should be applied Vietnam loose-leaf Visa?

+ If you have drawn a trip around Asian country but Vietnam is not a determined- country in your list yet

and you have just decided to visit it from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore…so obtainning a loose-leaf Visa in advance before you come make you feel safer.

+ You have not decided your means of transportation yet, you may enter Vietnam by bus, cruises,…or airplane. In this case, it is advised you to go to Embassy to get a paper Visa or you can contact us to get e-visa (which is applied only for citizens from 40 countries- according to Vietnam Government’s law 2017).

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