If you are planning on working in Vietnam, it is essential to acknowledge the labour law and here is standard’s acknowledge that we hope will be helpful to you.

Who is required to obtain working permit certificate?

  1. Foreign passport holders who have the labour contracts with Vietnamese organizations/ companies and the contract’s validity is more than 3 months.
  2. Foreigners who work in Vietnam in order to proceed economic contracts, set-up a business, finance activities..
  3. Foreigners who come to Vietnam to sell products, services (private or work for organizations/ companies are all required to show working permit.
  4. Foreigner who is presentative of an allowed- non-profit organization in Vietnam.

***According to Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam, foreign citizens are able to obtain a working permit with the validity is as 2 years as maximum. After it is expired, if they want to continue to work in Vietnam, they have to extend another working permit with the same period of validity.

Who is exempted?

  1. Foreign citizen who processing a bachelor’s degree with their experience in their field at least 3 years and this exemption policy is applied when they work in Vietnam no more than 30 days at a period of time and no more than 90 days in a year.
  2. Foreign citizen who are transferred between their own country and Vietnam for a short period of time in one of these fields: information technology, business, education, distribution, construction, health-care, environment, finance, transportation, tourism and entertainment.
  3. Foreign citizen who work as a teacher in an international school with the control of their own Embassies. In this case, they need to get permission from the Ministry of Education and they can stay in Vietnam entire duration of working without working permit.

Also, the employers have to send documents to the Ministry of labour and War Invalids and Social Affairs. The Ministry will confirm the exemption status for 3 days and this exemption will be valid for 2 years.

 How to apply and what documents need to be prepared?


No Description

Required Status


1 Certificate of criminal non-conviction issued by the home country  (if live in Vietnam not enough 6 months).

Must be legalized and translate into Vietnamese

2 Certificate of criminal non-conviction issued by Vietnam authority (if live in Vietnam from 6 months or more). Original 01
3 Health Certificate Original, issued by the qualified Vietnamese hospitals (Gia Dinh hospital, Van Hanh hospital, hospital 115, Thong Nhat hospital, Cho Ray hospital, SOS International SOS hospital, FV hospital, Trung Vuong hospital, Thu Duc district hospital, An Sinh hospital, Phuoc An hospital – branch 3, Xuyen A hostpital, Thanh Do International hospital, Dai Phuoc hospital)


4 Certificate experience in oversea with management position or appropriate expert (at least 3 years)

Must be legalized and translate into Vietnamese.

5 University graduation certificate with appropriate professional Must be legalized and translate Vietnamese.  01
6 Photo sized 4cm x 6cm (no glasses, white background)


7 Passport 01 notarized copy of all page of passport


8 Business license Notarized copy 01


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