Discover stiff cliff rock in Ly Son island- a part Grand Canyon of Vietnam


Ly Son island belongs to Quang Ngai province, it is also known as Cu Lao Re. More interesting, Ly Son is also well-known as a garlic-island of Vietnam, it is around 133 Km far away from the central of Da Nang. The best time to visit is from Jun to September when the weather is nice and sunny. Even this is a fairly small island but millions of customers visit here per month make it become a hot-holiday-spot of Vietnam.

Romantic & beautiful seascapes

Generally, there are more than 50 ancient pagodas, temple and shrines such as Chua Hang- a famous pagoda located on the rock by the sea where you can try to climb the mountain and take many gorgeous and interesting photos. This is a worth place to visit: you will be able to see beautiful see view, a lot of garlic fields, white sands along the beach together with diversity array shells. Specially, in the afternoon the tide is impossible to swim and the rock is starting to be appear at the same time.

Garlic field
stiff rock which attracts many people who love to climb

famous seafood & local food
statue sea-snail in Ly Son

how to get to Ly Son 

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