Discover “Robinson Island of Vietnam”- a new desert island in Cam Ranh

Location & story: 

In the past, “Robinson desert island” is another name of a range of 3 islands Bình Ba, Bình Hưng, Bình Tiên (Cam Ranh, Khánh Hòa province) but there is also a peninsula near there is also named as “Robinson” . Until now, it is still secretly floating between the Bay and this makes it becomes the most solitary and purest island of Vietnam.


In the morning, the sea water becomes crystal-clear and bright green together with white sand landscaping which extend along both sides of the beach. It is also an ideal place in the afternoon to bring foods, music to this place while taking a depth view of sunset and welcome millions of stars twinkle from the  fishing vessels of locals. These sightseeing is really valuable and gorgeous place which is really hard to find the same place in the noise and busy cities.

Special local foods: 

Interestingly, it is near by Binh Ba island so “Robinson” island is also a famous place of many types of lobster which is  fresh and naturally sweet. It is easily to ask fisherman’s house here to arrange fresh seafood for you as well as celebrate a party outside for you:). Besides, there are so many other local foods such as :” Banh can”, “bun cha ca”,..etc..

Bánh căn
bún chả cá and seafood
fresh seafood
How to get to “Robinson island”?

From Ho Chi Minh, there are so many buses to go to Cam Ranh: Phương Trang, Hạnh Cafe, Phương Nam,…or you can take a flight directly to Cam Ranh airport (around 45 mins). After that, you can take a boat  from “Đá Bạc”- a stone-bank (it takes you around 1 hour) or Cam Lập – Cam Ranh- stone-bank to “Robinson island” (about 15 mins only).

Getting much experience with home-stay service on this island

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