Cu Chi Tunnels- Memories from the underground war

Location & History:

Cu Chi Tunnels is located in the northwest of Ho Chi Minh city, the tunnel system is underground with the length up to 250 Km. The tunnels were dug with simple tools and bare hands during the French occupation in the 1940s, and further expanded during the Vietnam War in the 1960s to provide refuge and a defensive advantage over the American soldiers. Nowadays Cu Chi Tunnels’s length is 120 Km remaining.


In the past, The Viet Cong used these tunnels to not only hide from American forces, but also as living quarters, a hospital, a supply route, weapons cache and as a base of operations for the Tet Offensive.

Let’s getting much valuable experience in Cu Chi Tunnels

Explore a safe place for soldiers and thousands of local people during the Vietnam War. It will give you the overview of Vietnamese culture, history and local life.

Not only discover the tunnels, you also have an opportunity to become a real soldier and try to use gun and take photos with actual Tanks. Interestingly and especially, if your weight is over 80 kg, is is really a hindrance for you to pass through the underground Tunnels because the average Vietnamese soldiers in the past was very short and skinny.

How to reach to Cu Chi?

+ By bus: bus is the cheapest means of transport to go to Cu Chi. If you depart from Ben Thanh market, please catch the bus no.13 or the bus no.94 if you depart from Cho Lon (district 5). When you arrive in Cu Chi, wait for 15-20 mins to continue get on the bus no.79 to go directly to Ben Duoc-Cu Chi, walking around 100 meters then you can reach at Cu Chi Tunnels.

+ By motorbike: you can easily to find a motorbike for rent in Ho Chi Minh and you have 2 options to choose. 1st, you can follow the highway no.13  then get to Thu Dau Mot town( Binh Duong province), across the Phu Cuong bridge and go ahead to the Cu Chi direction. In case you depart from Ben Thanh market, you need to follow the route of highway 22 to the intersection named Gieng Nuoc and turn right to Ba Trieu street. From Ba Trieu street, continue to turn right to meet the Quang Trung street, go ahead about 1 Km to meet Trung Nu Vuong road to get to Hooc Mon. From here, you can ask locals about the way to crossroad Tan Quy which far away from 6Km. After that, you can ask the way to go to Phu Hoa Dong market. From this, go ahead around 10 Km to An Nhon Tay intersection, continue roughly 8 Km to Cu Chi Tunnels.

+ By Taxi: If you choose Taxi, it will help you to save time a lot but in return it takes you around $30.

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