Bac Son Valley – The Present From Mother Nature

It was a sunny summer day, my friends and I decided to discover Bac Son Valley after seeing the impressed pictures on a tourism magazine.

About the location:

Bac Son is a rural district of Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam and it is situated 160km northeast of Hanoi. The easiest way to reach this place is by taking a road trip from Hanoi using Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen and turning to National Highway 1B.

My unforgettable experience:

We climbed to the peak of a mountain which is located just a few minutes from the town.  If you wish to see the entire view of the valley, you would need to hike up to the telephone station which was built on the top of a high mountain. From here, you are absolutely amazed by the stunning 360-degree scenery of mountains, villages, rivers and farms. It can be tiring to climb the mountains, but the effort is very much worth it.

Many incredible high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high and the valley’s paddy fields create a great scenic landscape.
The beautiful river runs crossing the rice fields which are covered by the green mountains.

Besides the attractive valley, Bac Son possess the beauty in people and culture as well. The district is inhabited by the Tay ethnic people and their traditional stilt houses. Some of overnight tours will be the best for both the beautiful scenery and learning the local life of the hill tribe.

Almost inhabitants are farmers                                                                       
The ethnic minority become the specific characteristic in Bac Son

After seeing this beautiful place we realized that Mother Nature has the wonderful hands. We came back Hanoi with the memorable images about Bac Son Valley in our mind and we strong believe that there is no where has the beauty like here.

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