Discover Central highlands of Vietnam- Buon Ma Thuot city

Location & history Buon Ma Thuot  city is well known as a capital coffee of Vietnam which belongs to Daklak province  and also the biggest city in the Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen). Dak Lak Province was founded by the French in 1904! The name of Dak Lak was derived from beautiful Lak lake of this land (Dak means water, Lak is the name of Mr. Lak, Dak Lak means the water of Mr. Lak). Buon Ma Thuot is the magnet for both coffee and tourism. The provincial capital of Dak Lak is around 360 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and 1410km from Hanoi.

Night view of Buon Ma Thuot city

Ede ethnic group in Buon Ma Thuot- a typical colorful ethnic of Vietnam The Ede primarily live in Dac Lac province. The E De live in houses built on stilts. These houses are generally elongated.

Typical wooden house of Ede
Ede is competent in growing coffee trees

Elephant is the most valuable asset of them

Top Tourist destinations in Buon Ma Thuot  attracts visitors by the immense coffee forest, the unique gong culture, and spectacular natural scenery.

Mother Elephant Rock: This is the largest monolith ever known in Vietnam in the shape of a lying elephant.
Dray-nu waterfall- a majestic waterfall ever! a wonderful place for photographer.
Buon Don village- the must place to visit

Local food

Bamboo-tube rice
Grill-bamboo chicken

Rượu cần ( “stem wine” or “tube wine”)

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