Ghana, Congo, Bangladesh, Yemen, Sudan where there is no Vietnam Embassy, how to get Visa?

Vietnam Embassy Currently,  there is no information about Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate in Ghana, Congo, Bangladesh as well as Yemen and Sudan which brings to the hindrance for these citizens to visit to Vietnam for tourist purpose.


Solution the only way to get Vietnam Visa is applying online with us at Vietnam-visaonline  , there is no trap, no hidden fee with a clear refund policy, following with 3 simple steps:

1st, you just need to fill your information out at :

2nd, we will send you the approval letter via your email after 7 working days then you can print it out to check in from your departure and get Visa when you land at Vietnam airport.

3rd, please prepare your passport, the approval letter and 2 passport photos to get Visa at Vietnam Visa landing counter.

Documents needed for Visa procedure you have to send us your flight ticket, hotel booking and passport scan via email after applying.

In case you need further information or any supports, please contact us here

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