The Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne- The Sahara desert of Vietnam

Location The Fairy stream and The Red sand dunes are located at the far end of the main street in Mui Ne. (Mui Ne belongs to Binh Thuan province with the residents of around 25,000). Mui Ne is located in the  South of Vietnam which is  far away 200 Km from Ho Chi Minh city from the East direction.

How to get to Mui Ne Sand Dunes   You have a range of options to get there by a Jeep and it cost you around $10-$15 from the centre of Mui Ne to  reach to The Red Sand Dunes. If you don’t mind driving yourself (–> hire a motorbike-around $6-$10), you can save a lot of money and see a lot more of the natural scenery around Mui Ne as well as enjoy the breeze on the path.Be careful driving up the dirt roads around the sand dunes, they are littered with sharp stones.

Things must to do in Mui Ne and the Red Sands Dunes
+ Visiting the fish market in the early morning: this is the greatest chance for you to discover the lives of Vietnamese fishermen. Also you can see the real fishing nets with full of  fish, seafood,…every where in a close distance, feel the breeze brings salt from the sea.
+ Seeing Sunrise and Sunset by renting a half -day tour on Jeep: The tours normally depart at 5am (in time to view the sunrise) and 2pm (in time to catch the sunset). The jeep can take 2  passengers at the same time, and it bring you to the Fairy Stream, Mui Ne fishing village, the White Sand Dunes and the Red Sand Dunes.

Sunset-Red Sand Dunes
Drive a Jeep to take your partners to every where or you can join in a tour-jeep 🙂
Sunrise- The Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

+ Discover the Fairy Stream The Fairy Stream is one of Mui Ne’s main attractions, alongside the Red and White Sand Dunes- a paradise for those who is addicted in taking photos! The landscape is absolutely surreal – a miniature mix of Cappadocia and the Grand Canyon.

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