Vietnam weasel coffee- the most expensive coffee in the world

How weasel coffee is produced?

Are you scared of drinking weasel coffee when you know it is stemmed from the weasel’s shit???
Let’s discover with us about the story: actually Weasel coffee is special because the weasels will select the best, ripest and sweetest coffee beans to eat. All these coffee beans will be absorbed acid and enzyme chemical from the weasel’s stomach that makes them become less caffeinated and slightly bitter flavor.

Drinking Weasel coffee make you a brand new, lead to the top of luxurious level?

Yes, for sure it makes you become a guy who come from Dubai :))). Moka weasel coffee beans sell for 500,000 Vietnamese dong per 100 grams, or about $200 per kilogram. But the taste is deserve with it own price!


Let’s image if you are forced to eat pepper or chili every day! that is what these Weasel have to do…yap , farmers feed them coffee beans, something they would not eat a lot of in the wild. This brings to the result that the level of tannin they develop in their bloodstream is extremely bad for them, not to mention forcing them to live in a tiny cage their entire lives.

This “weasel” coffee sounds just as cruel as fur obtained from mink farms.

This post is not stated this activity is right or wrong totally, just a post for your reference.

Just have a relax-reading moment when you enjoy here:) cheer!

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